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Come see over 5,000 hand-carved Jack O'Lanterns! RISE of the Jack O'Lanterns features carvings from dozens of local artists and sculptors in a unique walk-through experience that's suitable for visitors of all ages.


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Went last night and wish I could go again and spends hours there .. So much to see you don't know where to look first.
Francine H.
We had an AWESOME time! No line, close, easy parking, and staff everywhere... Neither of us had ever seen this before and were amazed!... ALL staff that we encountered were polite, helpful and courteous. Thanks!
Rita W.
It was awesome. Very creative, original and artistic carvings. Just wish I took it at a slower pace and savored each carving.
Anna Maria C.
Hey guys, you put in a lot of hard work and it showed. Some really beautiful works of art there, fun music, nicely arranged with the already-existing landscaping.
Colleen E.
We had a great time... My kids were amazed with the pumpkins. Too cool.
Eileen H.